Sunday, December 12, 2010

Waiting on a baptism

Hello, I already posted today but I thought everyone would want to hear my great news concerning a few of my kids . Well first off my 14 year old got save about 2 weeks ago . Then last week my 12 year old son went to the alter and also decided he wanted the lord in his life ... Well the most awakening thing for me was when my 6 year old daughter sat crying wanting to go up and sing with the adults ... So of course she went up and sang the best she could smiling back at her daddy and me the whole time. When they got done singing and all came back the preacher asked if anyone had anything in there heart She raised her hand like she was in class stood up and said ( Ive got Jesus in my heart) At that point I had tears in my eyes . Well she ended up going up and praying she said she got saved ... It is amazing to me that there are so many adults out there lost but a six year old feels the love of the lord so strong in her heart and knows he is real. She has been so happy She even told me that she went to school and told everyone . I know that children are already going to heaven but I couldn't tell her not to do what god put upon her heart.They haven't got to get baptised yet due to weather here but as soon as they do I will be sure to post pics.  My children , well all children can feel the love of god ... Iam just so so thankful for all these blessings .Till next time take care and God bless all my prim friends.