Saturday, November 27, 2010

A little bit of this and that!

Well Thanksgiving has now come and gone leaving me with two things Happiness and about 10 pounds...LOL . I had a very nice  Thanksgiving  Alot of my family came and enjoyed dinner with us. My mom bless her heart wasn't feeling her best but still managed to gather up some goodies to bring along for me . I will be posting pics of the desk she brought I'am going to do a makeover on it I will post the before  and afters .

                                      My new stitchery  I made this one for my mother in law

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A homemade stitchery and A recipe

I was finally able to get one little craft done last night . Thought I would share it . Here is the smallest one I'am pretty proud of it considering I had never stitched before and it was 1 am .  I think it started to go a little side ways ..  LOL             And A thankfull note my husbands granny has cancer and was in alot of pain I requested prayer for her and her pain has eased off and she has been less weak . She will be 97 in december she is a loving christian woman .. She has been a real light to my self and many others.. Thank you lord for her, may you bless her many more days.          

  VEGETABLE CASSEROLE               
2 bags vegetable medley / carrots, broccoli,cauliflower
1can cream of mushroom soup
                                                   1 small garden vegetable cream cheese
                                                           1small bag croutons/ any flavor you prefer

Cook vegetables till tender. In a large bowl mix cream of mushroom soup vegetables and cream cheese till blended but not mashed. Now in a casserole dish spread mixture . crush croutons in bag lightly, add over mixture. bake on 350 for about 35 min .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

updates from 2010

Well where to start , I just started this blog so I guess I will just fill you in on what all has happened in my life up till now.  To start I had just got everthing prim and the way I like it when my family was struck on July 21 2010 with disaster . At 2 am I woke to use the bathroom and realized that we where getting flooded . I woke all my kids and hubby and we tried to make it to safety at this point my mobile home was being lift up and water was coming through the  vents ... Scary to say the least, I have never been in any situation like that before and hope to never be again. Well after we got all our kids out my husband heard our neighbors hollering and he went after them. There mobile home was moved off the foundation pushed about 100 feet across the road and was stuck with 2 still inside The mother had been sucked out the back door my husband got to her first then went back to the two adult children they where inside and the water was up to the window midway . My husband got the guy to knock the door open a flood of water came out at him well to make a long story short he did get them all out despite the dangers of houses being washed by him and blowing up when they hit the tree's. When the water started to go down and it got day light my heart sank all we ever had was gone all that was left was the muddy clothes we had on and a pile debre and mud .When I think back to all that happened Iam just thankful the lord was there that night .He woke me just in time to wake everyone . My 4 littlest girls where also in a little tent they got from there granny it was zipped twice they would have never made it...( SO thank you Lord For everything you have done for our family.)Another blessing is my husband was saved and Baptised Another blessing for my family . My husband was on a road to destruction drinking , and alot of other stuff, well the good lord took it all  off of him and he has been full of life and love ever since ( Thank you again Lord).I dont think I will ever be able to say thank you enough. Our home was gone but we had the lord and eachother and it took about 2 months but we did get another home and we are very thankful. We started over but I think that the lord had a plan for our lives. I still think of that night almost ever day and relize there is always something to be thankfull for! So I will end for now saying be so ever thankfull for everything and every moment you have . Love the lord family friends and neighbors and always remeber he is the reason where here.