Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa , Here is my prim wish list

I was thinking today about when I was a kid getting all ready for Christmas. The thing I remember most is visiting Santa at the mall every year and the all important letter to Santa. Well Iam sure now that Iam 28 my wish list has changed just a bit ....So for the fun of it and to pass the time on my blog till the big day of my drawing for my giveaway I think I Will make my prim Christmas wish ...I saw this  on another blog a long time ago and it seemed fun but now seems to be the perfect time to make my list since Santa....aka my hubby sometimes needs to be guided to my perfect gift which isn't in the jewelry or perfume department... So honey hope your paying attention only a few days till Christmas......   P.S    if its old worn or grungy its for me, So Santa no walmart...unless your buying homespun fabric...LOL