Friday, March 25, 2011

My new cabinet and a few pics!

Iam so sorry Ive been MIA , The last month or so have been complete and utter chaos . My family had the flu for it seems like weeks the time it went through all nine of us. We also had a death in our family my husbands aunt passed away of a heart attack a few weeks ago. I have also been very tired lately and stressed out . But I thought I better get a post going before everyone thought I had completely give up on my blog. I think I will share some Easter decor and a new cabinet I got off my mom , And yes I absolutely love it . Its old, worn and wooden my favorite kind of Also i wanted to post a new pic that was taken for a magazine that is going to be published for my county it will be about the flood we went through and some about recovery. ....OK now onto the prim stuff what should I do with this cabinet .....Help me ....I want to put old kitchen wares in it but Iam not good at displaying them without some pics to guide me so any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh hehehe I just noticed our oldest daughter managed to sneak out of this pic ....guess they will have to photo shop her in . Well I guess I will go for now I hear little ones hollering for me , till next time good bless all my prim friends.

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