Thursday, December 23, 2010

Signs around the house.

Hi there to all my prim friends , Iam still very anxiously awaiting the big giveaway day only 8 more days to go. I have been looking for things to blog on cause lets face it everyone doesn't have an exciting life.... We have had alot of snow so I have been stuck at home alot with the kids ...I may be bald by now but I wont post a picture of that....claustrophobia has set in on the home front....LOL...Well I came up with nothing but  I thought I could show you some signs from around the house.....So here are some, not all cause I really like signs if that tells you anything ...Iam a collector....or hoarder if that's what you wanna call it I haven't caught on yet to the simplifying I hear alot of you girls talking Well better stop boring you to death with all my rambling and get to the pics.
Prim blessings .......April

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