Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year goals.

I hope everyone had a very happy New year. We spent our new year home watching my favorite WLJC watch night service and can you just believe that 1000 plus souls were saved just last night.... My family had a rocky 2010 so we are looking forward to a calmer 2011. I have a few goals for my self and a few for our family too. My main goal for myself is to try to become more healthy and loss a few pounds ...well actually about 50 pounds.  I would also like to get caught up on my health checkups but I won't go into that on this post just yet. My goals for my family are attending more church services , doing more family gatherings in our new home... And  I would really like to get my kids involved in the community. I also have a 17 year old now (wow they grow up quick)who I plan on helping with a banking account driving and a summer job. I know this is a very big list .... I want  to thank the lord for bringing my family into a new year safe and sound and being there in our hearts everyday. No matter how low we have got the lord has always been there to lift us out ...So thank you Lord from the bottom of my heart. I have also gotton so many sweet comments left on my blog and I feel like even though I don't know you all except on the Internet your all close to my heart and always in my prayers. So Happy New year to everyone ...God bless through this 2011..........

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